produces coffee products in

Vietnam's traditional style,

(cà phê phin), brew coffee,

(máy hãm), and espresso,

(máy ép), and offers Robusta

and Arabica varieties.


Freshly roasted by the order!

Welcome to NÓN LÁ COFFEE company and thank you for visiting our website.


When you think about coffee, you probably think of countries like Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia. But the second largest exporter of coffee in the world today is Vietnam.


Coffee was first introduced to Vietnam in 1857. Benefits from geographical location, basalt soil, and 500 to 1,500 meters above sea level provide ideal growing conditions and have gained Vietnamese coffee a reputation for superior taste characteristics.


Delicious flavor with a seductive aroma..... that's what we hope for in the coffee we drink everyday!  But it must also be pure, clean, and have nutritional benefits.


To fulfill that desire, NÓN LÁ COFFEE is proud to be one of the companies that provides 100% pure Vietnamese coffee from premium coffee beans that grow at the higher elevations of the central highlands of Vietnam. These coffee beans are naturally mild, with aromatic flavor and are good for your health.


NÓN LÁ supplies green, roasted, blended coffee beans, instant coffee and drip bag coffee to wholesalers, retailers, and individual discerning consumers.


NÓN LÁ COFFEE produces coffee products for Vietnam's traditional style, (cà phê phin), brew coffee, (máy hãm), and espresso, (máy ép), and offers Robusta and Arabica varieties.


Coffee can be purchased from the addresses below. We guarantee our best quality at a fair price, and we know you will love it.

My wife, Jennifer and  I were born in Vietnam and immigrated to the Unitied States in 1981. We have been frequently traveling back to Vietnam since 1995, and couldn’t find many good coffee shops that served coffee from high quality beans, even though, Vietnam is the number two producer of coffee beans in the world.


In addition, we have not seen Vietnam coffee products in the U.S. markets, with the exception of those in Vietnamese markets and Asian stores. It is from these reasons that NÓN LÁ COFFEE brand was born in 2017.


Typically, the brand name coffee companies charge premium price for their premium products. But the desire of NÓN LÁ is to do the opposite. We strive to create premium quality coffee at very reasonable prices, so it will be affordable for everyone to buy and enjoy on a regular basis.


Currently, we are selling our coffee products in Vietnam, at coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets, and at some choice retail stores. Our hope is that one day NÓN LÁ COFEE will be available in U.S, markets and around the world.


Our focus is to always provide a very good quality product at a very fair price that will let NÓN LÁ COFFEE be enjoyed by coffee lovers throughout the world.


We know you will enjoy this wonderful coffee as much as we do.


— Michael

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